Общ изглед на рафинерията
   BULGARIAN PETROLEUM REFINERY Ltd. with seat and address of administration at 2, Stephan Karadja str., municipality of Sredets, city of Sofia, was established on the grounds of decision of Sofia Town Court of 06.01.2004.

Инсталация за атмосферна дестилация

    The company’s object is crude oil and condensate refining, production of petroleum products, petrochemical products and the respective trade activity.

    The sole owner of the capital is Oil and Gas Exploration and Production JSC.

Нощна снимка на рафинерията

    The company’s products offered on the market, produced through deep crude oil and condensate refining, are as follows: BAS-L, MT, gas oil up to 0.1% sulfur content, heating fuels.

    After implementing certain investment projects we are planning to start the production of mineral oils. The flexibility of the atmospheric distillation installation, making it possible to quickly change technological production mode, allows the production of a wide range of products and overall satisfaction of consumers’ needs.

Стокови резервоари Операторна зала

The market advantages Bulgarian Petroleum Refinery Ltd. has came as a result of the following factors:

  • Relatively good, flexible and mobile production technology and modern equipment

  • A wide range of high-quality produce

  • Established position on the Bulgarian doemstic market with tendencies for expansion including emerging on foreign markets

  • Good will commercial relations with business partners.

Парокотелна инсталация Операторна зала

    The company production is based on technical documentation and established technologies accompanied by efficient physicochemical control on products and processes.

    The company’s system of organization and operation corresponds to contemporary requirements, which leads to the efficiency of the system of quality management and the realization of documented policy and planned aims under BDS EN ISO 9001.

    The chemical laboratory of Bulgarian Petroleum Refinery Ltd. is an accredited research laboratory for the analysis of oil and gas, solvents, fuels and petroleum products, whose work complies with the requirements of BDS EN ISO 17025.

Автоналивна естакада Електронна везна за автоцистерни

The strategy of Bulgarian Petroleum Refinery Ltd. is in accordance with market tendencies and the economic conditions in the country. Our efforts to satisfy the various requirements of our clients are based on the optimal correlation between high quality and competitive prices of the products.